Set Departure Dates 2020:  August 2nd – 6th.  Five Days.
Trip Fare: 
$1800. per Guest. 
Private Parties of five or more participants –  July & August dates available. 

Bordering Yellowstone Park to the north, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is an immense expanse of mountainous terrain encompassing nearly 700,000 acres of high elevation splendor. No other U.S. mountain range south of Alaska has as much land above the treeline.

The landforms here are both dramatic and sublime. The A-B is made up mostly of enormous alpine plateaus separated by rugged canyons and small valleys. In many places the canyon walls are sheer vertical faces hundreds of feet high. In other places elegant sub-alpine basins stair step gently from high plateau to the valley below.

We have a base camp set at the head of a small valley in the heart of the Absaroka-Beartooth. The camp consists of 12’x14′ guest tents, staff tents, kitchen & dining tents, shower, hitch rails and corral. The guest tents contain cots, lanterns, and wood stoves. This is a comfortable camp in a beautiful setting.

A clear, cold, willow lined stream runs right by camp. Its runs and riffles, pocket water and deep meadow pools offer a variety of water to fish. This friendly little stream hosts a good population of pan sized rainbow trout with the occasional lunker in the 20″ class. Casting is not difficult as the creek is easily waded and much of it flows through open meadow.

The A-B supports a wealth of native wildlife. Grizzly, black bear, wolves and lions wander freely between the wilderness area and Yellowstone Park. Their prey base of moose, mountain goat, bison, mule deer and elk thrive here in large numbers.
You will see mule deer around camp every day and likely see moose while fishing.  To see elk and mountain goat you will want to join us on a day ride to the high plateaus.